Edisto Invitational Billfish Tournament

July 17-20, 2019

2019 Edisto Invitational Billfish Tournament Registration Procedures

Based on past experience, we anticipate we will find ourselves in an enviable but yet difficult situation of more boats than we can accommodate. If indeed this develops, we have developed the following process to sign boats up. This will first recognize and reward those boats who have loyally supported us in the past, and then accept other applicants if space is available.

New Marina Improvements and Tournament Benefits:

  • Eight (8) new private slips have been added and hopefully some or all of these will be available to the tournament.

  • The fuel dock has been expanded to address needed transient capacity and additional space for fueling multiple boats. This new capacity will also provide additional dock space for tournament boats.

  • The entire marina electrical infrastructure has been upgraded to address the load requirement issues we have had in the past. New power pedestals are installed in older slips, new slips, and the new fuel dock/transient slips.


The following process will be used for registration:

  1. We will begin accepting registration forms 3/1/19. Forms will be processed/accepted as follows:

    • Loyalty Entries (3/1/19 thru 3/15/19) – During this period, we will ATTEMPT to offer 2018 Participants the same slip they had the previous year (this cannot be guaranteed, however, since either your boat size could have changed, or our slip assignments may need to be adjusted to accommodate other changes in the fleet.). Space available, slips will then become open to boats that supported us in 2017 and earlier.

    • Open Entries - Although your application may have arrived earlier, they will be processed in the order received ONCE we complete the Loyalty Entries noted above. These Open Entries will be assigned an available slip based on time of entry and boat size.

  2. As in the past, if boat demand exceeds our capacity at the marina, we will seek dock options further up Big Bay Creek.

  3. We intend to work on accommodating some lead boats in the series that may not have signed up earlier.

  4. Entry Forms will be available on www.themarinaeb.com. Completed forms must be submitted with a $500.00 REFUNDABLE deposit, and mailed to:

                                   The Marina at Edisto Beach
                                   P. O. Box 598
                                   Edisto Beach, SC 29438

  5. The balance is due for entries no later than July 1, 2019. We will follow up with any boats whose balance has not been received by this date.

  6. It is the boat’s responsibility to confirm that your application has been received. You can do so by contacting Steve Wallace at the Ship Store (843-631-5055)

3702 Docksite Rd. Edisto Beach, SC 29438

Store- (843) 631-5055

Charters- (843) 631-5065


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